Protect Your Browser protects your computer from millions of malicious sites
growing every day.
If you do not have proper protection installed on the web browsers,
you will end up with viruses and unwanted software.
Relying on data collected during years of investigations,
list of millions of phishing and malicious sites,
is obligated to develop an extreme approach to safer surfing.

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Malicious Protection
Easy To Install
Support All browsers
Secure Browsing
Seamless Operation
You must have the
Since web browsers are used so frequently, it is vital to configure them securely. Often, the web browser that comes with an operating system is not set up in a secure default configuration. Not securing your web browser can lead quickly to a variety of computer problems caused by anything from spyware being installed without your knowledge to intruders taking control of your computer.

There is an increasing threat from software attacks that take advantage of vulnerable web browsers. We have observed a trend whereby new software vulnerabilities are exploited and directed at web browsers through use of compromised or malicious web sites. This problem is made worse by a number of factors, including the following:

As a result, exploiting vulnerabilities in web browsers has become a popular way for attackers to compromise computer systems.
What makes us secure you better
The is designed to enhance your internet browsing confidence by:
is an extension, works with all your Windows web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome.
Threat Protection
The keeps you out of
malware and dangerous sites.
Clear Messaging provides clear warnings of the danger ahead when you try to visit malicious websites. No confusing warnings, no error numbers, and ominous messages.
No Configuration
No need for any setting or configuration. After installation, the extension works
quietly in the background to keep you safe.
Clean Interface shows up only when it is needed.
Privacy Included
No registration is needed. We do not collect or
store any of your identifiable personal information.
See our privacy policy for more details.